Black people don’t love each other  Mr Chang interviewer 

A conversation between Mr Chang and an Asian interviewer on Twitter spoke so much truth about us black people. It made me reflect on myself first and other blacks who in this blog I will call “darkies” a socially accepted slang reference.

The interviewer asks Mr. Chang to address his concerns about white supremacy that puts under Asians and Blacks.

Mr Chang goes on to address his concerns about black people. His first premise is that we are all under a system of white supremacy and he reminds us of the Asian vs. European conflict.

He then goes on to compare the responses that Blacks and Asians have against white supremacy. While Asians make personal sacrifice, uplifting each other so to overtake Europeans and white supremacy; blacks on the other hand fight in mass movements not to be under each other but to be under white supremacy, Mr Chang concedes.

This is true in many fronts; darkies are victims of their actions. We darkies always fight to be given opportunities by others instead of creating them.

When a darkie does get in positions of creating those opportunities he finds comfort, forgets and accumulates wealth for himself only. There is no darkie brotherhood or spirit of common sharing amongst darkies.

Mr. Chang says he has no problem against black people, they just love Asians more.

“We want to see Asian man happy, so we employ him, eat together… we want his kids to be educated, so we invest in our own education that offers our children technical abilities”

What can darkies say about creating opportunities for each other, strengthening their education system and building their communities?

Nothing can be said but a lot can be shown with mass movements fighting. Fighting to be “under everyone else other than other black people” as Mr Chang concedes.

How truthful is this in the now South African political and social context?

Darkies who were oppressed have an opportunity to uplift each other but we see less of that and more of darkies in position of power, ballooning, at the expense of other darkies. They have found comfort in their positions and forgot other darkies.

The Marikana massacre is a recent tragedy that could have been prevented if other darkies in positions of political and economic power did not find comfort; if they did not forget other darkies.

Police in a state led by darkies opened fire and killed other darkies. It’s a darkie that headed the Transformation division of Lomnin that failed to uplift the living condition of miners.

It’s darkies that head Labor Unions that failed to control the strike and preach non violence leading to that tragic day.

It’s darkies in government that failed to ensure that labor laws in mines uplift the living conditions of miners. Other darkies elected these darkies in power to change what was when they were powerless. But no so much can be said, our mines are still a symbol of white supremacy. Darkie have fought to find comfort in white supremacy instead of changing.

Yesterday, I cringed when I read a City Press article of a man who was a director at African Bank. “I don’t care, they (poor people)” can go “f#2K themselves” he said. This is a darkie, who was in a position of power to prevent reckless lending to poor black South Africans who happen to be black like him.

He got comfortable in a position of power and forgot about the many darkies who are now listed in credit bureaus as bad debtors and have ruined financial futures because of his amnesia. He doesn’t care about them, they can go “f#2k themselves”.

Still it’s other darkies in our townships that loot and burn stores of other darkies who come from other African countries. Its darkies that beat and kill other darkies in townships during xenophobic attacks.

I always find it amusing, to darkies, its fine for a wealthy European to come to SA, have elite shops in our big malls. But it’s not ok for a poor Somalian, black like them to have a Spaza in their township.

Yinde Lendlela for Darkies

They don’t celebrate each other’s success; they instead get jealous and count down days to when that darkie will fail.

It’s crazy situation where you see a black successful man or woman being suspected of many dubious activities that might have brought them to the top, darkies themselves don’t believe in each other.

I’ve blogged elsewhere about a Media that is white controlled but has black hands that bring down other blacks to the benefit of white supremacy.

I don’t know, maybe my perception is blinded by my love for other darkies. By my hope and dreams about not making a darkie successful but by reminding him not to get comfortable and forget other darkies when they are in a position of power.

We should not only share our pain when oppressed, but we must also share our efforts and uplifting each other, share our success in mass movements like we do when in pain.

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