Cheikh Anta Diop “empirical medicine” translation thank you

About the state of medicine in imperial times, Cheikh Anta Diop said this “empirical medicine was relatively developed in Africa. Here, as in Egypt, a dedicated family hereditarily to exercise one medical discipline. It is only eye specialist, stomach etc. … brother Sadi (black columnist 17th century) became operate successfully cataract doctor Ibrahim are Soussi port of Kabara.

“The medicine practiced the operation and God willed that my brother was relieved of his illness and he passed from darkness to light”

War wounds were cared for, Senegal, in particular, extracting bullets or shrapnel, then cauterizing (applying heat, usually a heated iron for the time) wound with a mixture of oil boiling and clean sand before and sew. Sometimes as warriors exhibit after healing, balls of material (sand) was remained in their organization. He thinks we never thought of the extracted. This particular method is called in roukâb walaf.

The empirical toxicology was extremely developed where the efficiency of poisoned arrows in war. Snake venoms, or the juices of some poisonous plants were used “



The Afro-Guyanese historian Ivan Van Sertima tells us that the mortality rate by caesarean in Europe was 100% until the English go in 1881 in Southern Africa. They observed that there cesareans African practiced by partially anesthetic the patient was conscious during surgery. They imported these techniques at home.

This system of specialization that Diop is still persists today in black Africa. In the town where I grew older I have described accurately. There was no medical school, the transmission of knowledge is made as to any knowledge in Africa through initiation. An aging practitioner chooses a person to whom he confided all his secrets and medicine and passed.

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