Celebrating Black Women Alice H. Parker invented the gas Heating Furnace

Name: Justin Kerno
School: Ann A. Mullen Middle School
Teacher: Mary Hepner

Alice Parker was an African American woman who invented and patented the gas heating furnace in 1919. Alice Parker’s invention was a huge contribution to New Jersey and the Earth. The heating furnace solved a lot of problems in the world, but it also did cause some problems and risks itself. I personally think that Alice Parker has one of the best inventions that nobody talked, knew, or cared about. This is why this former Morristown, New Jersey resident’s idea was so great.

            Alice Parker became an inventor simply because she thought of one of the greatest ideas of all time. She brainstormed a concept that would be able to warm up her house and regulate its temperature. The invention was called a heating furnace and its purpose was to provide central heat throughout a building. Alice Parker patented her heating furnace near Christmas time, on December 23rd, 1919. The heating furnace was an amazingly large contribution to the world, including New Jersey. Throughout the years (after 1919) millions of furnaces each year were keeping houses warm and toasty in America and the rest of the world. The amount of furnaces owned in the world are productively increasing each year with hundreds of different heating companies selling them for lots of money (helping the market’s current recession).

            Alice Parker’s invention solved lots of problems in the world and in our houses. Residents in a home no longer had to gather around the fireplace to keep warm. It also made it easier to keep your house warm. Nowadays, we even have thermostats that maintain temperatures in our houses that are connected to the furnace to lower or higher the heat. Other good things about furnaces are that you don’t have to worry about buying wood, coal or other types of fuel or pay somebody to sweep and clean out the chimney. Additionally, it doesn’t suck the heat out of rooms (like fireplaces) to keep one part of the house warm. You also wouldn’t have to chop wood and trees to get your fire burning.

            Even though this invention solved a lot of problems, it also created some. The main problem is that the furnace is very flammable and can catch on fire if something went wrong. Sometimes, (although very unlikely) the tank explodes causing tragic events. This invention could also burn you if you accidentally touched the vent where heat is exported. Usually, in life something great always has a weakness or defect.

            This is why Alice Parker was a great contributor for our earth and history of science inventions. Her knowledge has kept over a billion people in history warm and healthy because of a simply terrific idea. As people, we all need to realize the great things she has done for us and our families. We all should always think of great ideas to make the world a better place just as Alice H. Parker did.

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