Stick niggars in concentration camps Alabama student teenage drinking

Officials from Spain Park High School and Hoover High are currently discussing punishments for the students.

An Alabama school district opened an investigation after a video showing several teenagers making a slew of racist and anti-Semitic comments appeared online.

In the clip, group of white high school students say they want “n*****s gone” and talked about sending Black people to concentration camps.

According to students in the Hoover City School System, the teenagers are believed to be students from Spain Park High School and Hoover High School.

In the clip, one male teenager asks, “Without the Holocaust, what would the world be like?”

“All of the n*****s would not be here,” a female student says.

“Jews would run the world” another student says before a different boy yells, “f**k n*****s, f**k Jews.”

“Jews are fine because they’re white,” the female student adds. “We just need n*****s gone. Mixed Oreos? What are you gonna do with them?”

“You stick them in concentration camps,” a male student answers.

student answers.

In a statement, Hoover City Schools said they have been made aware of the “disturbing” video.

“The activity apparently took place this past weekend at a private residence. Although it was not part of any school function, the conduct in question is in direct conflict with our school system’s values and its mission,” a spokesperson added, reported WBRC.

“Our school administrators are carefully investigating the situation in order to assess our options under the Code of Student Conduct.”

Hoover’s mayor, Frank Brocato, also issued a statement saying the city “condemns racism and hatred in every form and at any place or time.”

“We are deeply disturbed by a video that is currently circulating on social media. Our city is a place for all people to live, work and play in a safe environment,” he added

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