Texas life expectancy rate for African-American

JUST DEAL WITH IT FORT WORTH: A Innercity Campaign to Improve Health within the Fort Worth 76104 zip code. According to Dr. Sandi Pruitt, the 76104 zip code has the lowest life expectancy rate in Texas at 66.7 years, with black men with the lowest life expectancy rate at 64 years, while black women live to 69.8 years.

The UT Southwestern research study also shows that hispanics live three years longer than whites and whites living three years longer than blacks.

“We can do better, we should do better, and we must do better,” says, Pastor Kyev P. Tatum, New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church 2864 Mississippi Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76104.

The Unity Across the Trinity Life Expectancy Health Summit is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 10am at the New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church of Fort Worth 2864 Mississippi Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76104 in the Morningside Neighborhood. Featuring Dr. Sandi Pruitt of UT Southwestern, this free summit a collaboration with the City of Fort Worth, healthcare providers, anchor institutions in 76104, community stakeholders and the faith community.

Spearheaded by grassroots leaders in the 76104 community, this interactive, informative and inspiring summit’s mission is to lead an long-term effort to help improve the trajectory of life expectancy in the innercity historically black communities.

1. YBPTH 2019: https://vimeo.com/292358963;

2. Background on Life Expectancy: https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/ut-southwestern-study-reveals-states-lowest-life-expectancy-is-in-fort-worth/287-9cd32d79-fe78-402c-9156-ca2608ca150c; and

3. The State of Race and Culture: https://www.wfaa.com/mobile/article/news/local/how-the-fort-worth-city-council-is-taking-action-to-fix-racism-in-the-city/287-d6d668f4-36c6-4db5-88ce-c58c4f384ae3

4. Dr. Sandi Pruitt, UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas: https://profiles.utsouthwestern.edu/profile/136246/sandi-pruitt.html

Website: http://www.justdealwithit.org (coming soon). For more information on how you can become a sustaining sponsor contact Pastor Tatum at 817-966-7625, kptatum1@gmail.com

Pastor Kyev P. Tatum, Sr.
New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church
2864 Mississippi Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
817.966.7625, cell | 817.920.1878, church | kptatum1@gmail.com

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