African American Indigenous Africans to the Americas

All black people didn’t arrive in the “Americas” on slaveships from Africa. African indigneous tribes were already in “America” way before “Christopher Columbus”, the indigneous black aborigines of America…

(History of the Yamassee Native Americans)

Language: Yamassic “Yamassic”;
… …
Verb: Yamassee “Yamassee” Gentle

Noun: Yamassee “Yamassee” a Native America Clan from Southeast America;

Q. Who are the Yamassee?
A. We are descendants of the people known as the “Mound Builders”. The Yamassee is the oldest Native American Clan of Southeastern North America.

We Yamassee, people are the descendants of the wooly haired Olmec People of South America, who slowly moved from South America upward and over to the southeast of North America. Along the way the Olmec People established many clans and many societies.

Q. Who are the Olmec People?
A. The Olmec People called themselves Nubuns These Ancient Black indigenous people of this planet made migrations from Africa westward to this part of the land now being called America, during the periods before and after the continents began drifting apart.

Our ancestors brought much of their culture with them; which included rubber trees. Because of their use of the rubber, these Nubuns became known as The Olmecs, or the “Rubber People”; and they had thriving societies on the Americas for more than 100,000 years before the European Settlers came;

Most of our story has been obscured by the invading forces of the European Settlers and historians. As best as we can know, to this point there has been no history written about the Yamassee Native Americans of Olmec (Black) decent, by a modern day Yamassee.”

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